Review: I’ll Meet You There by Heather Demetrios

This book review is cross-posted to Spoilers! for a very spoilery review. As usual, the one here is spoiler free!

Today’s book:

I’ll Meet You There by Heather Demetrios


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The Advice I Tell My Friends That I Need to Tell Myself

Having a community of writer friends is a beautiful, beautiful thing. These are people who understand what you’re going through when you feel like you’re keyboard smashing your feelings or staring at a blinking curser for an hour with the looming cloud of doubt above your head. These are people that share your dreams and goals and aspirations.

Writer friends literally keep me afloat.

Writing is troubling. The whole process is emotionally draining and frustrating. It keeps me up all night and plagues me throughout my days. It’s an endless cycle of trying, failing, and self loathing. Of course there is the beauty, too. That one perfect sentence, paragraph, page. The character that literally seeps from your very being. Those are all the beauties in this. But there is so much hardship.

So writers stick together, or at least usually. I’ve heard being a writer is like being an island but for me that’s not the case.

When my writer friends are going through a tough time, I give them advice, and when I am going through those patches, they shoot them back at me. But here’s my favorite tidbits I’ve said to others, that really, I need to be telling myself in times of trouble.Read More »